Dirt Cheap Files Trademark-Infringement Lawsuit Against St. Louis Competitor Cheap Cheap

July 12th, 2010

trademark infringementThe Dirt Cheap vs. Cheap Cheap in trademark suit article post last Friday in the St. Louis Business Journal highlighted a lawsuit filed last week alleging trademark-infringement between two St. Louis businesses, Dirt Cheap and Cheap Cheap.

Suit was filed last week by Dirt Cheap, the 12-store chain of discount liquor and cigarette stores located in the St. Louis area against Cheap Cheap who operates stores in the same area and is alleged to display a logo with nearly an identical name, font, and color schemes as Dirt Cheap.

Dirt Cheap’s complaint alleges that it has spent nearly $9.2 million in advertising between 1993 and 2009 and further that Cheap Cheap (defendants), “are unabashedly infringing and diluting Dirt Cheap’s famous trademarks.”

Dirt Cheap is recognized throughout the St. Louis area for its commercials featuring a person in a chicken costume and the trademarked motto, “Fun, fun, cheap, cheap.” Other phrases identifiable to the Dirt Cheap trademark are, “we are the last refuge for the persecuted smoker,” and “the more she drinks, the better you look.”